Van GoghHuis

January 19 2019 - March 17 2019


In this exhibition, recent acquisitions from the museum collection, it becomes clear Van Gogh is still a current source of inspiration for contemporary artists.


This exhibition includes works from the period 2017-2018, from Ingrid Simons, Albert Zwaan, Jeroen Witvliet, Anna Lange, Renée van Trier, Lindert Paulussen, Bettie van Haaster, Arpaïs Du Bois, Ian Skirvin, Diana Roig and Kurt Ryslavy.


Furthermore, two works are shown that have been donated during the tenth anniversary of the Van Gogh House. Paul Andriesse donated on that occasion the diptych 'Sunflowers' by Erik Andriesse (1957-1993). Peter Kantelberg donated an early work from 1981 inspired by 'The potato eaters'.


Especially for this exhibition an installation has been made by the current artist in residence Aram Tanis.


During his working period at the Van Gogh House, Aram Tanis is inspired by the fact that memories change color and shape over time.


Just like Van Gogh Tanis is fascinated by Japanese culture and art. This new work has been inspired by the traditional Japanese gardens in Kyoto and by the letters of Van Gogh.


This work is part of a larger installation that will be shown at the Van Gogh Gallery next month. This installation consists of works created by Jacolijn Verhoef and Aram Tanis.

Van GoghGallery

February 2 2019 - February 24 2019


Aram Tanis and Jacolijn Verhoef