As a child Aram Tanis grew up in a white neighborhood and went to white schools. He knows what it's like to be scorned, spit upon and discriminated against because he is not white. As a teen he went consciously looking for people with whom he could identify, but there weren't any role models who looked like him.


In the current discussions about racism, discrimination and exclusion of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands, people of Asian descent are rarely mentioned - let alone their voices heard in those discussions. It is therefore good that Dutch media have also reported several times about Asian Americans who criticize the film and television sector for underrepresentation, stereotyped roles and whitewashing.


It Was Never Personal deals with these issues and the influence media has on our lives and will consist out of several different works and publications.


Binding Image is also part of this new project. How can we define the relationship between the image and the viewer when the boundary between public and private becomes blurred? Every day we check our Facebook page, "like" the photos of our "friends", follow celebrities and strangers on Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest. At the same time, all kinds of stereotype and sexual images are presented by the media through which we are (un) consciously influenced. Binding Image investigates the medium of photography within the digital age and the influence of the media on our daily lives.



Jacolijn Verhoef




It Was Never Personal has been shown at Nida 2019 (Vilnius / LT).

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