Radioactive Ostriches and Disposable Babies - The Weird World of Aram Tanis



Like the rest of the internet population, artist Aram Tanis has a photo blog. A stream of images of bizarre images found on the internet. With one big difference. Binding Image is rare great. Because: horrifying, hilarious, tragic and very weird.


"Look what a little children," says Tanis. He clicks on a collection of images with fighting politicians.“Here are the people who make our laws.


Tanis: “Like everyone, I see the most bizarre images appear every day on social media, television and in newspapers. Sometimes they're really gruesome (like Dumped Babies = nauseating, you've been warned!), But I have to do something with that. Binding Image offers me a place to keep and organize them. ”


A few months ago he re-started Binding Image. Initially as an addition and extension of the eponymous group exhibition, but soon the photo blog began to lead a life of its own. The idea arose when Tanis started to marvel at the crazy selfie phenomenon.


Tanis selects about 20 photos per theme - collected through Google Images or other search engines - and places them in a sleek design. Tanis: “You can still ignore one nasty, intriguing or witty photo, but I am looking for the repetition of the image, so that it really gets squeezed into you. Looking away is much less easy. Small variations ensure a certain rhythm in that image flow. I put in hard hours to keep Binding Image current and alive. Only then do you see that visitors also take it seriously, otherwise it will just be a non-committal thing. ”


“I am fascinated by human behaviour. And I show it. Disposible Babies is terrible - I was adopted myself, so when I see those images I often think: it could have ended that way with me. But you know it is happening, so you have to look at it. ”


"Sure. I also have my limits. Like that series about the trial of Oscar Pistorius, the Blade Runner, who was tried for the murder of his girlfriend. I made a series of his strange facial expressions during the session. However, there is also footage of Pistorius circulating where he, on his stumps, shows researchers how he found his girlfriend's body at their home. That movie was clandestinely sold by the makers - which is of course a completely raunchy way of doing things. So I didn't want to pay attention to that. ”


Just like in his own documentary photography, Tanis does not stage his images, nor does he go photoshopping. Tanis: “An ostrich is now walking around in Fukushima, escaping from the zoo. A radioactive ostrich in a totally deserted city. You cannot make up reality. It's too strange for that. ”

Binding Image

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The interdisciplinary artist Aram Tanis portrays current events and everyday trends on his blog  Binding Image in an original way.

Aram Tanis, Master of The Typological And More...

Harvey Benge


With Binding Image Dutch interdisciplinary artist Aram TanIs created a platform for a fascinating typological assembly of images from current events to everyday trends. TanIs finds images from facebook, newspapers, television, books and even advertisements. This is a crash course in looking at the everyday, the ignored and the obvious. It's both serious, funny and sometimes violent. TanIs' practice is a study of isolation, standardization and mass production and via Binding Image a strategy to confront readers with subjects they often pass by.