Constructed Obsessions is a new work in response to his residency at The Fifth Season. For these images Tanis combined items from his personal collection with objects he remembers from his childhood. The artist remembers well the objects his mother found dirty or dangerous and the materials used to clean her surroundings.


During his period at The Fifth Season, Aram Tanis pursued a project about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, a condition he has experienced at close quarters with a family member in his youth. For the publication 'Parallel Lives' he interviewed people with this disorder. In sensitive and poetic language, Tanis recorded thoughts and acts, creating an impression of an intercommunicative, personal world. In his texts the resulting isolation becomes increasingly entrapped. The text, which is partly fiction and partly observation, takes the reader back and forth between different realities. It represents the complex feelings of how someone can experience him or herself as an outsider.


Constructed Obsessions is not just weirdly aesthetically, but also express how peculiar the world of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be.



Esther Vossen / Jacolijn Verhoef

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