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Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore is a project Tanis started to work on during his travels to Asia. Tanis strayed the city streets to photograph its people, objects and buildings. Fascinated by the sharp contrasts he found there, Tanis kept on returning to Asia. Later on he started writing down his memories, which Tanis added to the photographs. The result is Fireflies Ain’t Here Anymore, an autobiographical installation that represents the places that have meant most to him.


Even though Tanis set out to establish an identity through his photographs, they convey a feeling of alienation. In his search for a sense of belonging he seems to dissect the city, trying to grasp and comprehend every aspect of it. He deliberately documents the disparity between beauty and crudeness, richness and poverty, tradition and modernity. Consequently, the photographs do not just reflect his own sense of indeterminateness, but also of the cities themselves.


While the photographs explore the beginnings of Tanis’ life, the texts pertain mostly to more recent memories. What at first sight looks like a collection of random anecdotes, unfolds to be fragments of a letter written to a loved one. Tanis words dart back and forth between recollections of time spent with this loved one and more general thoughts on topics such as loneliness and oblivion. The text offers a glance into Tanis’ mind and thereby adds a layer of context and depth to the photographs.

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Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore has been exhibited among others at Art Space Wagemans (Beetsterzwaag / NL), Guest Studio Louwrien Wijers (Ferwert / NL), Cosmos Arles Books (Arles / FR), Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus (The Hague / NL), C&H Art Space (Amsterdam / NL), Kaserne Basel (Basel / CH) and EXPO72 (Alkmaar / NL).