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Brett Kavanaugh 'Sexual Assault Victim' Speaks Out

BBC News


Christine Blasey Ford will testify she was assaulted by Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and tried to undress her when they were both teenagers. Brett Kavanaugh has denied all allegation.


She said she first approached Democratic lawmakers with her allegations shortly after Trump's nomination of Kavanaugh revived the pain of the memory.


Mrs Ford said the incident happened in 1982, when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17. He was a student at Georgetown Preparatory School and she was studying at a nearby high school.


The incident allegedly happened at a gathering of teenagers at a house, when Brett Kavanaugh and a friend allegedly "corralled" her into a bedroom. Kavanaugh and his friend were both drunk, she says. "While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it. When she tried to scream, he put his hand over her mouth. Eventually Mrs Ford managed to break free.


Mr Kavanaugh issued his denial: "I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time".


On September 5 2018 Kavanaugh was sworn in and became a Supreme Court judge for life.