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What North Koreans Do In Their Free Time Under Totalitarian Regime

The Guardian


Defectors and South Korean media reports often suggest the majority of young people in North Korea are struggling for food and forced to drop out of school to enter the workforce.


People from wealthier backgrounds however are apparently rollerblading in their spare time, going to the gym and drinking at bars.


However, drinking with friends is often overshadowed by the fear of talking about the regime, going to the cinema is blighted by having to watch one film six times because nothing else is showing and playing video games is confined to Mario Kart played on 80s consoles.


But life in North Korea is changing and so are people’s reasons for escaping. When Kim Jong-Un became leader, many North Koreans thought that life would improve. But after several years in power, the ‘Great Successor’ has proved to be just as brutal as past leaders.


Kim Jong-Un is the third supreme leader in the Kim dynasty, founded by his grandfather Kim Il-Sung. He took over from his father Kim Jong-Il when he died from a heart attack in December 2011 and has demonstrated he is committed to the pursuit of nuclear weapons.