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Russia’s Power And Strictly Platonic Couple

The New York Times


Putin made clear that he and his protégé Dmitri A. Medvedev are just friends. Really.


During a visit to Europe, Mr. Putin mocked a question from a reporter who wanted him to explain the secrets to success in a “political marriage.” Mr. Putin has led Russia jointly with Mr. Medvedev for the last few years, after term limits prevented Mr. Putin from running for a third consecutive term as president.


Mr. Putin said the question had been phrased in a very literary way. “Mr. Medvedev and I are people of a traditional orientation,” Mr. Putin said. “I can tell you this with complete certainty. As for marital unions, you have exaggerated a bit. But we are friends, friends for many years, I have already said this. And the way that we have arranged our work today - it seems to me, we can be proud of this.”


In an interview with Danish television, that was released by the Kremlin on Monday, Medvedev acknowledged that he and Putin did not always agree on everything. “Despite the similarities in our circumstances, we have had different experiences, and we may have different views on some of the nuances as to how our political system should develop,” Medvedev said.