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People Will Stop At Nothing To Defile Donald Trump's Star Of Fame



Trump's star will continue to shine on the Hollywood Walk of Fame despite a torrent of swastikas, dog shit, graffiti, and urine.


When a famous person dies, fans and mourners flock to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to pay tribute, adorning the celebrity's star with flowers, candles and messages of love. Case in point – David Bowie. Within hours of his passing, his star was overflowing. Donald Trump's star is getting adorned in a different way – with graffiti swastikas and dog shit.


Trump has had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 2007. But since he announced his bid for President, people have taken it upon themselves to express their views on him via his star and posting the photos to Twitter and Instagram. People have posted photos of a swastika spray painted over the star, a mute symbol, and phrases like "racist" and "don't vote." One woman posted a photo on Twitter of a dog looking rather proud next to a pile of feces on top of the star, with the post, "My friend's service dog accidentally took a shit on Donald Trump's Hollywood star. Best thing I've seen all day." Another posted a photo saying they just spit on the star.


It's kept the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the organization that oversees the Walk of Fame, on its toes, with regular monitoring and clean up. "We clean them up as soon as they occur," says Leron Gubler, President & CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


And while there have been rumors circulating that Trump's star might be pulled, Gubler says no. "Once a star is installed, it becomes part of the fabric of the Walk of Fame," says Gubler. The stars are considered historic landmarks, he says.