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Photo Festival Naarden


Joy, fear, pain, anger, happiness, sadness, wonder, anger, emotion, horror and pride; a selection of the emotions that we all encounter in our lives to a greater or lesser extent. Emotion, an inner perception of feeling, manifests itself in human beings in their body language. More and more we want to experience feelings, experience kicks and cross emotional boundaries. Photographic imagery makes an excellent carrier for conveying emotions and this is why this edition of FotoFestival Naarden is an ode to feelings. We do this under the title Emoticon (a contraction of the words emotion and icon), a term known from the internet and mobile phones. The festival has been divided into five sub-themes; Paradise, In Memoriam, Buy Me, Fear and Beautiful Freak.


Above The Crowd deals with a big collective fear of the present moment. This work exists of a collection of photographs of high-rise buildings. Images that themselves do not spread any emotions of fear. Yet the 2 meter high photographs, when placed together in this exhibition and as a result of 9/11, do evoke feelings of anxiety among the audience.

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Above the Crowd has been exhibited among others at The Black Country Living Museum (Dudley / UK), ARTTRA (Amsterdam /NL), London Festival of Architecture (London / UK), Photo Festival Naarden (Naarden / NL), MobFORMAT (Derby / UK) and Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam / NL).

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