Like the rest of the internet population artist Aram Tanis has a photoblog in the form of a slideshow. A stream of images of bizarre images found on the internet. With one big difference. Binding Image is unusually great. Because: gruesome, hilarious, tragic and very weird.


“Like everyone else, I see the most bizarre images every day through social media, newspapers, television and on the street. Images that affect you in one way or another. Sometimes they are really gruesome, but I have to do something with that. Binding Image offers me a place to store and organize them.”

The idea for Binding Image arose when Tanis began to be amazed by the crazy selfie phenomenon. “I came across countless self-portraits at funerals, even Obama, who couldn't resist pulling out his phone for a snapshot at Mandela's ceremony. That makes no sense, does it?


Tanis selects 20 photos per theme - collected via Google Images or other search engines - and places them in a sleek design. “You can still ignore one nasty, intriguing or witty photos, but I am looking for the repetition of the image, so that it gets more impact. Looking away makes it more difficult. Small variations ensure a certain rhythm within the collage. I put in hard hours to keep Binding Image current and alive. Only then visitors can see Binding Image is a serious work."


Just like in his own stilled documentary photography, Tanis does not stage his images, nor does he photoshop. “An ostrich is now walking around in Fukushima. A radioactive ostrich in a totally deserted city. You cannot make this up. Reality is often so much stranger than the made up stuff.”

Cultureel Persbureau