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Jacolijn Verhoef


Due to the pandemic travel restrictions are imposed on all of us. Most of Aram Tanis work has been created outside of his home country, so this measure has a clear impact on his artist practice. Tanis was born in South Korea and travels on a regular basis to his birth country, so these restrictions also have an emotional impact on him. Tanis expresses his state of mind in this new work Dreaming of A Pool in The Rain.


For this work the artist started to focus on the natural elements in the city where he lives. Nature is a great way to find escape from an everyday busy city life, but this pandemic shows that nature can also 'turn' against us as Covid-19 has been passed on from an animal onto a human. At the same time this pandemic happened because of the carelessness and disrespect people have for animals. This is what triggered Tanis idea to only photograph animals and plants. Dreaming of A Pool in The Rain shows us a combination of black and white images of "common" and endangered species.  

When looking at Dreaming of A Pool in The Rain, one can not escape a feeling of solitude and isolation. Nature can be a way to escape from these emotions, but at the same time can also enlarge them. In these strange times Tanis has captured these ambivalent feelings well in this work.

AraTan01 kopie.JPG

Dreaming of A Pool in The Rain has been exhibited at European Month of Photography Luxembourg (Luxembourg / LU), Foto Wien (Vienna / AT) and Imago Lisboa (Lisboa / PT).

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