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Aram Tanis, who studied in Seoul and Amsterdam, is a photographer who searches for more truthful and provocative images than those usually composed for mass media. The cities of Asia - Seoul, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Macau, Osaka and Tokyo - have been his usual locations although he plans to work more in the United States and Europe in the future.

For Mystery Circus Aram Tanis brings together his photographs from these different cities to comment on the anonymity of contemporary urban life and juxtaposes that body of work with another that is focused on the specific, aberrant details of urbanization and industrialization, discovering another kind of beauty. Marlene Dumas says it well: "Aram Tanis is open towards the undiscriminating beauty residing in all things, also those things seen as obscene, that make us the tragic, cultural beings that we are."

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Mystery Circus



52 Pages



Mystery Circus has been exhibited at Hanover Project (Preston / UK), Stichting IK (Oost-Souburg / NL) and Vegas Gallery (London / UK).

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