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Bianca Kahn

Aram Tanis was born in Seoul, but spent his formative years in The Netherlands, where he lived in a predominantly white neighborhood and attended schools that lacked diversity. As a person of Asian descent, he stood out among his parents, relatives, peers, and the media figures he observed. During his adolescence, he actively sought individuals who shared his identity but was disappointed to find a dearth of role models. Consequently, he has always been acutely aware of his distinctiveness.

As a result of his experiences, Aram Tanis' photographic work centers around themes of “Isolation” and “Anonymity”. By capturing urban landscapes, people, animals, and mundane objects, he aims to depict the impersonal nature of contemporary urban surroundings and the feeling of detachment experienced by its inhabitants.


With In The Shadow We Bloom, created in South Korea, Tanis endeavors to establish an identity by portraying a sense of alienation. In his quest for "belonging to", he meticulously dissects the city, striving to comprehend every aspect of it. His photographs deliberately capture the disparity between beauty and crudeness, richness and poverty, and tradition and modernity. They are not only a reflection of his own indeterminacy, but also of the cities themselves.

IMG_6613 kopie 2 22.31.51.JPG
IMG_7294 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7175 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7188 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7532 kopie 3.JPG
IMG_7032 kopie.JPG
IMG_6909 kopie.JPG
IMG_6546 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7133 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_6995 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7216 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7703 kopie.JPG
IMG_6564 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7109 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7135 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7327 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7324 kopie 2.JPG
15. IMG_6955 kopie.JPG
IMG_7329 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7113 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7701 kopie.JPG
IMG_6880 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7228 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7396 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7240 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7403 kopie 3.JPG
IMG_8470 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7597 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7539 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7557 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7420 kopie.JPG
IMG_7487 kopie.JPG
IMG_7967 kopie.JPG
IMG_7808 kopie.JPG
yy kopie.JPG
IMG_7793 kopie.JPG
IMG_7473 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_6978 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7334 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7224 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7089 (bewerkt) kopie.JPG
IMG_7791 kopie.JPG
IMG_7346 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7874 kopie 2.JPG
IMG_7570 kopie 2.JPG
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