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Traveling through China, at a certain point, the many concrete city jungles look pretty much the same. But the "villages" hidden between the apartment buildings are like a strange kind of refuge to another life in another time. Unfortunately these neighborhoods are disappearing rapidly. People are forced to move out of their homes to make place for new high-rises. Some give in to the will of the local governments, others refuse to leave and grow their own food amongst the rubble of the already torn down houses.


Aram Tanis and Jacolijn Verhoef where quite taken by these in between spaces. The artists not only captured the allotments, but also the disappearing neighborhoods. Verhoef and Tanis worked on this series for three months and within this timespan some photographed places became completely unrecognizable.

In Between not only shows the rigorous way the Chinese organize their society, but also the resistance of citizens and their creative ways to take care of their families and themselves.

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